Top 5 Kitchen Island Design Tips from our Staffordshire Show Room

When renovating your kitchen, adding an island can be a temptation – here are the top 5  design considerations to ponder.

Sandra of Staffordshire Kitchens at FunkyWunkyDooDahs Inspired Designed Interiors in Stafford has created this top 5 list of design considerations for kitchen islands.


Kitchen islands can be made to most shapes and sizes and can work well with both contemporary and traditional kitchens. We can help you design, supply and fit the kitchen island and kitchen that suits your home, your needs and the style that you desire.

One of the first considerations for kitchen islands is what do you wish to gain by adding an island? This can be broken down into 5 areas.

Function of the Kitchen Island

What do you want the function of your kitchen island to be – what is it’s purpose?

Kitchen islands can have multi purpose uses from creating additional work surface area, additional storage, additional under counter space for appliances, additional table, desk, breakfast bar area for multi purpose use, to defining the kitchen area in an open plan kitchen, dining and living room.

Not considering what the function of the island is may lead to adding an island that is just an ornament rather than adding true value, use and style to the space.

To ensure you get the kitchen design that meets your needs we offer kitchen design consultations in our Stafford studio  as well as home kitchen design consultations across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Sutton Coldfield, Streetley, Birmingham and Solihull. We can also create your kitchen in our 3D CAD design system so that you can visualise how your new kitchen and kitchen island will look and work for you and your home.

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Position of the Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island or u shaped island may be the perfect solution to create work surface area when considering the architecture of the space that the kitchen will inhabit.

If the building has long windows or full length windows these may take a lot of wall space and by adding a kitchen island of some shape or form this creates the much needed work surface areas and positions for sinks and may be appliances too. The addition of a kitchen island can create an architecurally pleasing space by maintaining the features within the building, as well as a pleasing practical and stylish space.

With our 3D CAD design system we can create your space and add the kitchen style and design to enable you to visualise how the kitchen island and kitchen will look in your home. By booking a kitchen design consultation in our Stafford studio we can also show you the designs on our large screen so that you can get a more accurate feel or what your new kitchen will be like before we fit it for you.

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Practicality of the Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can have a variety of uses. Depending on the size of your kitchen space and the design layout of the kitchen, the island may be a plain work surface or may have sinks or hobs and even extractor fans placed in it. There are a variety of extractor hoods and lighting options that can be placed above kitchen islands which make the addition of a hob in the island a very practical solution. Therefore hobs no longer need to be placed on outside walls for the extractor fan to be situated on. It’s all down to personal choice and budget too!

If you need additional storage then considering adding open shelves under the work surface may be an option – having pets or small children or preferring a more minimalistic style – then adding cabinets may be a preferred more practical option.

Kitchen islands can be made larger and have  cabinets or shelves on both sides of the islands to maximise on storage space.

Breakfast bars may be added to the existing height of the work surface or made higher to accomodate breakfast bar stools or lower to create an additional table area suitable for use with dining chairs or normal height stools.

Our 3D CAD design will help you to select the best island and kitchen layout to suit you and your home. With large screen viewing available in our Stafford studio.

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Size of the Kitchen Island

The size of the kitchen island will be influenced by all of the other 4 design considerations – function, position, practicality and shape as well as the work flow in the kitchen and the space that the kitchen will inhabit itself.

Islands can be a small projection of one or two cabinets with a work surface the same size or one that overhangs slightly to create a small area to perch at, or a larger overhang to sit more comfortably at. Or islands can be much larger with under counter appliances such as fridges, freezers, chiller draws, dishwashers or wine fridges.

Creating the right kitchen island for your home, your needs and your style is what we specialise in at Staffordshire Kitchens based in Stafford at FunkyWunkyDooDahs Inspired Designed Interiors. Our 3D CAD design system enables you to visualise how the kitchen island and kitchen will look in your home.


Form of the Kitchen Island

The form or shape of the kitchen island will also be influenced by the other 4 design factors function, position, practicality and size. Contemporary kitchens tend to be very straight lined, however islands can be made with curved units at one or both ends dependent on the availability of curved units in the door selection made for the kitchen.

If curved units are not available then the edges of the work surfaces may be curved to reduce sharp corners.

There are so many design options to consider when designing a kitchen that having a sit down consultation with our designer in our Stafford Kitchen Design Studio will help to ensure that we can create you the kitchen of your dreams that meets the needs of you and your family as well as the space that it is in.

For more information or to book your 3D kitchen design consultation please contact Sandra at Staffordshire Kitchens at FunkyWunkyDooDahs Inspired Designed Interiors tel: 01785 229306 email

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